Secrets of Being Wildly Brilliant

It’s no secret that brilliance is a highly-valued quality, and not just in gemstones. But how do you create more of it? Like most qualities, brilliance requires a certain context to “go radiant” – most commonly, a time when you are doing something you are truly interested in. Want more brilliance? Maybe even wild brilliance? Then you need to connect your passion to your interests. Some fun ways to do that? Make a mindmap. Do a quick write up. Or chat about with your friends. It is also no secret that being brilliant is difficult when you are overwhelmed. This is where Wild Brilliance Press can help. By bringing your study resources together in one place, we can free you up to do the things you are truly passionate about. 

Simple and Wildly Brilliant.

Important Orientation Message

Welcome! Since many of you are coming in from the HMP website, we wanted to briefly orient you and get you to where you want to go as quickly as possible.

First, Wild Brilliance Press (WBP) is not a huge, multinational publishing corporation. It is actually a resource put together by a small team of your colleagues. So if something is not working for you, or you are lovin' something, or you have feedback, we would love to hear from you!

Second, WBP was originally going to be launched as an online-only resource, so there may be a few bugs as we convert over to selling print materials. Please be patient with us. Here is the link to the online subscriptions page

Third, we are simply porting over the Healing Mountain Publishing (HMP) study manuals because we didn't have time to fully edit and covert them over to WBP materials. We know a few students had issues with the HMP manuals in the past and we want to fix those in the coming year. So, again, let us know if you have any problems so we can get this right for you. Here is the link to the print study materials page

Finally, we are doing this as an experiment. One of the big reasons HMP closed was due to a significant decline in print sales. We would be happy to continue to carry print study materials, but it has to pencil out financially. Hopefully, with your input, we can make that happen.

Thanks for your support. Best of luck on the boards - Be Brilliant!



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