Collected Works of Dr. Benedict Lust

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by Benedict Lust, ND
(Annotated by Anita Boyd Lust and Eric Yarnell, ND, foreword by Jared Zeff, ND)
Healing Mountain Publishing Inc, 2006.
230 pp, fully indexed

Collected Works of Dr. Benedict Lust, by the founder of naturopathic medicine, includes Dr. Lust's detailed autobiography, Yungborn, as well as Pilgrimages to the Great Masters, a memoir of his journeys through Europe after the death of his wife Louisa Lust, ND. This later work recounts his tour to many of the important places in the history of natural medicine and his meetings with various key figures. In addition, three shorter essays Dr. Lust wrote in his publication, Naturopath and Herald of Health, are presented, each detailing his approach to some common health conditions. This is accompanied by one similar piece written by his wife for the same publication.

Collected Works of Dr. Benedict Lust bring together for the first time in decades the major writings of Dr. Lust in one volume with complete annotations by Dr. Lust's niece, Anita Lust Boyd, and Dr. Eric Yarnell. In the forward, the near death and triumphant resurgence of naturopathic medicine since Dr. Lust's death is recounted in gripping detail by noted naturopathic physician Dr. Jared Zeff. Dr. Zeff's incisive and very personal account of how the profession of Dr. Lust has been restored highlights for each of us the importance of remembering and learning from our past history.

Complete Table of Contents:

Yungborn: The Life and Times of Dr. Benedict Lust: My Early Life · Home · Family · School · Embarking on a Career; America Calls · My Adventures and Misadventures; I Go toWörishofen to Seek Father Kneipp; The Kneipp Water Cure Comes to New York · Marriage · Publishing; I Go to Medical College · Persecution and Prosecution · Establishing the American Naturopathic Association; A Fire · A School · A Bank Failure;
Photographs & Illustrations
Pilgrimages To The Great Masters: Nature Institutions in Hamburg · Rendsburg · Flensburg · Frankfurt; I AmWelcomed Home; Visiting Nature Cure Resorts in Baden-Baden · Freiburg · Constance · Lindau · Kempten and Memmingen; I Return toWörishofen · Father Kneipp's Water Cure and Philosophy · Nuremberg