NPLEX II Study Guide

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by LaToya Lewis, ND
Wild Brilliance Press Inc, 2023






This comprehensive text covers everything a newly graduated clinician needs to perform well on the demanding NPLEX II clinical board examinations. The manual follows the systemic structure of the case-based examination outlined in the NPLEX blueprint, condensing key concepts and information into a concise overview of each topic. The manual is reviewed regularly to incorporate expert feedback, improve efficiency, coordinate with the NPLEX blueprint, and add relevant information.

Study Suggestion:
This manual of study questions is an excellent tool for testing the medical subjects represented in the NPLEX II board examination. We recommend using this book in conjunction with the NPLEX II Workbook and NPLEX II Flashcards. Together, these materials form the best, most comprehensive system for NPLEX II boards preparation. A Vision or Wisdom level membership will provide you with many more sample board exam cases with questions as well as a variety of other beneficial content.
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