NPLEX I Review Questions

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by Melody Bentley, ND
Wild Brilliance Press, 2023





NPLEX I Review Questions has been  meticulously upgraded by Gary Piscopo, ND, LAc. New questions have been added and the overall organization has been improved. Helpful review tables are included to further enhance your learning experience. The question/answer format of the manuals is an invaluable way to review the specific facts of anatomy, physiology, pathology, biochemistry and microbiology, ensuring that you will be well-prepared to face the challenging NPLEX I examination.

Study Suggestion:
We recommend using this book in conjunction with the NPLEX I Study Guide and NPLEX I Practice Exams and NPLEX I Flashcards. Together, these materials form the best, most comprehensive system for NPLEX I boards preparation. An Inspiration or Wisdom level membership will also gain you access to many more sample board exam cases and questions as well as other useful content.


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